What is Cloud Storage Service and do I Need It?

Cloud storage service is one of the most secure forms of data management. Almost every person today uses the Internet for various purposes like research, socializing, communication, and the like. There are also many different devices that can be used to connect to cyberspace. Some of the best and most common examples include tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. However, each device has a limited storage space, especially the mobile phones and tablets. Note that an increase in storage capacity also causes an increase in the cost of an electronic device. In this article, you will know why having a cloud storage backup is essential not only for businesses, but for families and individuals as well.

What does the cloud stand for?


Basically, the cloud refers to the Internet as a whole. In many illustrations and flowcharts, the Internet is usually depicted by an image of a cloud. It refers to anything that can be accessed through the Internet, e.g. applications and hosting. Since storage space on electronic devices can be quite limited, many people store their files on the “cloud”, meaning that they save it on another computer somewhere out on the Internet.


Online file storage allows users to maximize storage space on their devices as well. The best cloud storage providers make use of reliable servers and use secure backup procedures to ensure that anything that users store on their storage units remain safe and retrievable at any time. Today, files are not the only objects that can be found on the cloud. Even applications can run on the cloud. Google Docs is one of the best examples. Users can access documents through the application without having to run applications installed on their computers.


The need for online data storage


First of all, a cloud storage service provides an opportunity for Internet users to use online file storage resources. Remember that many devices have limited capacity to store files. Hence, if users no longer have enough space on their devices, they can always save files online. This has its benefits as well. Saving files online allows users to retrieve information at any time using any computer device connected to the Internet. Hence, if the user requires a certain file, but has forgotten to bring his or her laptop, tablet, or mobile with him or her, he or she can always use any device connected to the Web to retrieve the file.


Second, cloud storage providers give users an opportunity to create a cloud for online storage backup for very important files. There are instances when computers and other electronic devices that contain important files get damaged. If the files do not have any form of backup, there is a very slim chance of having them retrieved. If the storage device on the computer can still be recovered, the files can be salvaged. However, if the storage device itself has been corrupted to the point that it can never be repaired, the files are forever lost.


Paid Vs Free Cloud Storage Service


Important files need to be backed up for security. If you have important files that you cannot afford to lose, then make sure to back them up online. Cloud storage providers like Just Cloud offer free options. Providers allow you to easily upload files on the Internet. You can easily retrieve them as well.


Free plans are great if you only need to store a few files occasionally. However, if you own a business that deals with large volumes of files on a daily basis, it may be a great idea to purchase additional storage space. Paid plans also offer more secure storage options and some of the best features that free users have no access to.


What about security


Users usually wonder if saving files online is secure. As long as you choose only the best and most reliable service providers, your files will definitely be secure. However, it is up to you to ensure that you do not upload files that are infected with viruses, Trojans, malware, or spyware. Although most providers have their own built-in antivirus software, they may not always detect malicious files, especially those found in zipped or encrypted files.


In addition, most providers make use of effective encryption technology to keep all of your files secure. Even when the files you upload are intercepted, they cannot be read easily by any software. Files uploaded on premium accounts are more secure though. Therefore, if you want to increase the security of all the data you upload, you may want to choose a paid service instead.




There are online data storage services that allow files to be streamed. However, not all of them allow you to stream video and audio files. Dropbox and Google Drive, for example, only allow you to download files. Therefore, if you want to store audio or video files for future streaming, consider finding an online file storage service that provides this feature.


Bottom line


Using a cloud storage service is quite essential for many individuals, families, and businesses today. Backing up your files using the Internet is not only secure, but very beneficial as well. You can use it to store family photos and videos, important business files, movies, music, and many more. Even if your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone gets damaged, you can always retrieve lost files online. In addition, online data storage allows you to access files anywhere around the globe as long as you have access to the Internet.