Choosing The Best Cloud Storage Service

There are many questions to ask when looking for cloud storage service for personal or business use. However, there can be many factors when determining what would be best in cloud storage providers. Not only is it necessary to look at the advantages and disadvantages of online data storage, but it is also very important to consider individual needs for online file storage whether for personal or professional reasons.

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How Much Storage Is Needed?

One of the first considerations that must be made for cloud storage backup is how much storage will be needed. For those who need personal storage space for their data files. While there are some providers that will offer about 50 GB of storage, there are also providers that will offer larger storage capacities such as 250 GB. However, those who have even larger storage needs can look at providers who offer unlimited storage capacities.


How Much Does Storage Cost?

Of course, cost will be a factor when determining the best cloud storage service for individual needs. Some cloud storage providers may offer a free trial on their services, but it is very important to keep in mind how much the service will cost once the trial is over and exactly what type of service is offered. For instance, will the service offering unlimited backup for $3.95 per month offer better service than the company offering 25 GB of service for $10 a month?


Do Files Need to Be Shared?

Online file sharing is more common than ever now. It is important to know whether a cloud storage service provides the means to share files not just for those who want to share files with others but also for those who need to access files from different computers. This may also be important for those who use different devices such as laptops and smartphones.


Is the Service Secure?

Of course, any cloud storage provider needs to make sure the service is secure. It is important to consider the encryption services or other means the service uses to make sure unauthorized persons do not have access to private files. This is especially important for businesses that store data with customer or client information as well as those who may store data with sensitive information.


How Compatible Is the Service?

The service also has to be compatible with whatever devices are used to create and access information. There are services that are compatible with several different devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones, mobile devices and tablets. Furthermore, those who use multiple devices should find out if there are extra charges for each device as well as if the service has the same capabilities for each type of device so no data is lost.


Does It Work Quickly and Unobtrusively?

Cloud storage backup also needs to work so that it does not interfere with the normal functions of devices. This means that a good storage provider can automatically backup files without having to take any action. This also means that the device or computer does not slow down or freeze while the files are being stored. Services with these capabilities are also reliable for users.


So What Are the Best Cloud Storage Providers?

Just Cloud Storage and My PC Backup both have good reputations for reliable cloud storage service with unlimited storage capabilities. While Just Cloud is free for a limited time, My PC Backup costs $3.95 per month. Zip Cloud and Backup Genie are also high on the radar that cost only $4.95 per month, but they only allow up to 250 GB of cloud storage, the most of limited cloud storage.

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