Benefits Of Online File Sharing and Storage

Today, cloud computing is probably one of the fastest growing sectors in IT. In fact, according to IDC, the amount of digital content stored by Cloud computing companies currently stands at 2.7 Zeta Bytes (ZB) and this could potentially rise to eight Zeta Bytes by 2015. In addition, a study carried out by Forrester Research shows that cloud storage providers will generate revenues in excess of $241 billion by 2020. The main reason for this phenomenal growth is the technology has so much to offer. For instance, whether you want to backup business files or just share files onlineĀ  with family and friends, online file storage would cater to your needs. Keep on reading to find out more about the advantages of online data storage.


Online File Sharing with Friends and Family


Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have indeed made it easier for people to access the web. One niche that has greatly benefited from the proliferation of mobile devices is ecommerce. However, many people still use their mobile devices to out check their emails, listen to music, and play games. A survey carried out by the Online Publishers Association found that 41.7 million Americans regularly download files from the Internet. Listening to music and checking emails accounts for another 49.2 million and 62.1 million Americans respectively. Of course, all of the aforementioned online activities include some form of file sharing and storage. By leveraging the flexibility of a cloud storage service, one can share music, photos, and videos with his or her friends. What’s more, the best file sharing sites are accessible on mobile devices as well as traditional desktops.


Cloud Storage Backup for Businesses


Traditionally, business owners have relied on onsite storage solutions, yet is has so many disadvantages. For instance, any hardware or software failure could potentially lead to the loss of critical data. On the same note, human error may also lead to the loss of data stored onsite. For these reasons, many business owners are switching to cloud online data storage backup. In fact, figures published by Gartner show that 60 percent of all server workloads will reside in the cloud by 2014 and those who migrate are likely to enjoy some benefits. For example, by using a cloud storage service, you are likely to reduce your IT budget significantly. This is because you would not have to purchase, install, and hire personnel to monitor and run expensive hardware. In addition, your employees would be able to easily access work files while away from the office. Instead of sending an employee to deliver documents to clients, you would be able to send files via a cloud file sharing platform.


Easy Access and Uploading


The beauty of using online data storage is perhaps the ease with which you can access and upload files. For starters, there are no complicated Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to set up. Secondly, you do not even need to know how file servers work to access online file storage services. All you have to do is sign up and select the files to backup online and then your service provider will take care of the rest. If you require more storage space, pay the required amount and you are good to go.


Collaborate on Projects


Besides sharing files with friends or work colleagues, online data storage makes collaborating on projects much easier. For instance, you do not have to wait for the project manager to email the latest changes. If one person makes change to any of the project files, all the other members see the change immediately. This is because most online file sharing services sync files and folders.


Better File Security


Storing files on your mobile device or on onsite IT infrastructure may be risky especially since cybercriminals have increased the number of hacking attempts targeting personal or enterprise data. A survey carried out by Symantec found that losses related to enterprise data theft in the US top the $250 mark every year. On the other hand, mobile device malware is increasing at an alarming rate. According to a report released by Kaspersky, the number of mobile malware threats detected from April to July 2012 stands at 14,900. This is troubling since millions of unsuspecting mobile device owners can download a single malicious app. By storing your files online, you benefit from some of the best file security solutions. This includes 256-bit SSL connections, data compartmentalization, and password authentication.


Cloud data storage indeed has many benefits. Firstly, you can easily share files with your friends as well as workmates. Secondly, you can use online file storage to backup important business files. In fact, many business owners are transitioning their enterprise applications to secure cloud platforms. IDC statistics show that commercial enterprise app deployment on the cloud will reach 80 percent in 2012. As more businesses and startups adopt cloud computing, this number will definitely rise even further. Online file sharing also provides better security for mission critical business data. In addition, you can use a cloud storage service to collaborate with other people on a project. Information synchronization enables participants to make and view changes in real time. Whether you want to store your game in a centrally accessible location or backup video files, cloud storage is the best option.


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