Data and Documents, Storing Files Online

As the amount of information keeps increasing, finding a place to store all this data securely and conveniently may seem challenging. Whether it is a collection of software, some old photos, movies or music, the need for a bigger storage space keeps increasing by the day. And while servers are capable of storing this information, the problem comes in when you need to access the files since you need to be at your computer.

Cloud storage may be a possible solution.

Storing files online, remotely, as opposed to locally boasts an array of benefits for both individuals and companies. However, it is not something to be taken lightly, and it is prudent for all the risks and advantages to be understood before subscribing to a service.

Advantages of Storing Files Online

Easy access

Cloud storage is advantageous, especially for people who are always traveling and do not have access to their computer. The fact that you only need to log in and immediately access your stored files is an advantage of online document storage that can be compared to internet mail service. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your laptop crashing or forgetting to bring that data CD or usb flash drive.
Some storage websites allow employees and other groups of collaborators access to one source of online document storage, which is quite affordable for small business who may not need to invest in networking computers.

When you store your documents on a hard drive, you are required to back it up because you may end up losing it in case it crashes, or your computer gets stolen. Online storage can be beneficial to you as you do not have to worry about these issues. Also, it is more convenient,
especially if your laptop, tablet or computer that you will be using does not have a DVD drive.

Storing data online is a great way to save money because you will not have to worry about upgrading your hard drive to upload your photos and documents. Additionally, you need to factor in the cost of the time you require to complete a routine of traditional backup methods manually. Online document storage helps to reduce most of the costs associated with conventional backup methods.

Disadvantages of Online Storage

Determining the usefulness of something also requires you to take a closer look at the risks involved. And just like all other new forms of technology, the cloud is not immune to the pitfalls. Therefore, it is prudent that you are well versed on the risk by potential providers to help you choose the best package for you or your company’s online storage needs.

This is one of the biggest risks for online data storage because you are trusting a third party with your sensitive data. It is an even more substantial risk for corporations – big and small because there is no guarantee that their valuable data will be kept private. To mitigate these concerns, choose a provider that allows you to maintain your encryption keys instead of having them retain all the information. You can also opt to pre-encrypt all your data before transferring them to the cloud storage location. This way, your sensitive
information will not be accessed by anyone else other than the authorized users.

Bandwidth limitations
Most online data storage providers offer various storage options with a specific allowance of bandwidth. Hence, if your data storage needs exceed this allowance, you may be required to dig deeper into your pocket for additional bandwidth. Still, some storage providers offer online document storage solutions with unlimited bandwidth. Therefore, make sure you compare the services offered by different cloud-based storage providers before subscribing.

Access to your cloud storage is entirely dependent on an internet connection. While this enables easy access and the ability to share files, all your data become unreachable if your internet connection is disrupted for whatever reason like when you travel to a place with no internet access. Although there might be a few drawbacks to using cloud storage, it still provides an easy and inexpensive way to store all your digital information. When subscribing to cloud data storage, it is crucial that you take some time to weigh the risks and benefits of using various online data storage providers before choosing the one that works best for you.